Friday, February 24, 2017

Iraq: ISIS using hobby Drones to deadly effect in Mosul.

(Iraq)  ISIS have taken to using new technology in which to support their rabid bigoted agenda to a new level. We saw that ,when they burst upon the scene with their use of the web in which to promote their so called pious religious caliphate  to those impressionable to the thought of living in a pure Islamic utopia. That resulted in thousands from the West leaving everything behind in which to relocate  to Syria/Iraq. The use of drones in which to film their military advances across Syria and Iraq and now that they are on the back foot, they have used those very same drones to drop military ordinance on their enemy. The only problem here is, the drones they use are what we would class as toys so are limited in how far they can fly and what they can carry. But every now and again  they get lucky.