Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Syria: Turkish advance on Al-Bab suffers setback after ISIS counter-attack.

(Al Bab) The Turkish entry into Syria 'Operation EuphratesShield' was presumed by a large number of people to be something of a short affair. Yet, time and time again Turkish arrogance coupled with ineptness has seen their so called blitzkrieg grind to a halt around the city of Al-Bab.

Instead of rolling over ISIS have taken the fight to the Turkish armed forces and given them better than what they have received. Turkish troops rolled up to Al-Bab in November and even with the Syrian army making a huge advance from the south the Turks have been made to bleed. Which is really strange as they hold all the cards in this turkey (no pun intended) shoot.

Well, these past few days ISIS has gone on the counter offensive and actually taken back land they have lost to the Turks, oh, its not a lot, but the Turks have been pushed back.
Link to the above map
Link to the above graphic

Here's a short video clip of the current bunfight for the city of Al-Bab.