Thursday, February 16, 2017

Israel: Latest batch of IDF officers pass out of training

(Jerusalem) You can always tell how professional a military force is, by the amount of effort they put into training their Officers and Soldiers. Chaim Laskov Officers Training School, Training Base 1 aka Bahad 1 (Bahad is the acronym for “Basis HaDracha” = Training Base), is where the Israeli Defence Force trains its future leaders.

The first IDF Officers Training courses were held in Pardes Chana and later at the Sirkin Base. On May 27, 1968 the permanent Officers Training School was opened near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev. This was the first military base built by the IDF; prior to Bahad 1 all IDF bases were installations that had been built by the British during the Mandate.

Until the year 2000, training of women officers was separate from that of the men, at a different base. Beginning that year, the courses were combined and now men and women officers are trained together at Bahad 1.

IDF Officers are taught to act with responsibility, obligation, mission, and professional pride. They serve not only as leaders in the IDF, but as role models in wider Israeli society. They must of course be skilled in warfare and military strategy, knowledgeable in their professional area, and have the ability to command those who serve under them and to earn their respect and loyalty. They must be able to make rational professional decisions and implement them successfully.

At the end of the officers’ training course each graduating cadet receives a pin consisting of a sword symbolizing defence of the homeland and an olive branch symbolizing the hope for peace. IDF officers wear this pin proudly, and lead their troops as directed in the Book of Judges: “Whatever you see me do, do likewise”. The latest tranche have just passed out of training:

The latest group of combat soldiers to have finished the IDF 7 month officers course