Sunday, February 12, 2017

India: 4 Pakistani terrorists killed inside Kashmir

(Kulgam) Four terrorists, two Indian army soldiers were killed and two civilians were in an encounter with Pakistani backed terrorists inside India’s Kulgam district, after security forces, in a joint operation with police, conducted searches in the village of Frisal following a top off about the presence of a large number of terrorists in the area.

After the tip off, Indian security forces cordoned off the village , 60 km from Srinagar, early in the morning and they came under fire from one house as they approached it. The Indian forces returned fire and advanced on the house. Once inside, the forces spotted a false ceiling where the terrorists were hiding, leading to a gunfight which lasted several hours. Four terrorists were killed but three others managed to escape into the nearby jungles. Couldn't help but notice that some of the Indian troops were issued with the Israeli Tavor rifle.

As this involved Islamic terrorists, the local Muslims decided this wasn't on and decided to riot. Which saw one of the rent-a-crowd killed and another 18 injured.