Saturday, February 25, 2017

Austria: Radical Mosque presses charges against duo who reported imam for inciting murder

(Winterthur) Austrian Police arrested ten people on Tuesday morning suspected of attacking two others at the An’Nur mosque because they tipped off a journalist about a controversial sermon given by the mosque’s imam.

In his sermon last November the imam called for the murder of Muslims who do not participate in communal prayer, and for others to denounce such people.  This in turn leadto the arrest of the imam and three others. Well fingers started pointing and they aimed in the direction of 2 of the congregation and so talking the law into their own fists, feet and things they can hold in their hands, the two were set upon by 10 of the faithful who also issued death threats to the families of the men concerned  In turn these thugs were all picked up by the Police on Tuesday.

Well not happy with how religious thugs at the An’Nur mosque have been getting a bad press, the association that runs the An’Nour has lodged a complaint with police against said two members of the congregation and wants to press charges against the pair for allegedly secretly filming the controversial sermon, which theoretically could result in a  prison sentence if it is found that the pair’s secret filming violated rights to privacy.

The journalist who broke the story about the imam's sermon said he had been threatened by members of the mosque. He called for police protection for the two informants and other witnesses who report alleged criminal behaviour at the mosque.