Thursday, February 23, 2017

India: Pakistani Terrorists kill 3 Indian soldiers in Kashmir

(Kashmir) Three soldiers and a woman were killed when Pakistani terrorists ambushed an army patrol in the Shopian area of south India's Kashmir, early Thursday morning. The attack took place around 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Srinagar.  When Islamic terrorists ambushed a group of Indian army soldiers as they were returning from a cordon and search operation in a nearby village.

Kashmir has been riven by a deadly Islamic insurgency funded by Pakistan which feels that as a sizeable majority of the Indian state is Islamic, then Kashmir should be handed over to Pakistan.
To that end Pakistan has spent a lot of time and money since 1947 (When India was split into Islamic Pakistan and multicultural India) in which to try and acquire the land next door. As is the practice of the Muslim, Pakistan plays the victim card for the so called oppressed, whilst remaining silent on the ethic cleansing of the Hindu (Pandits) from the region at the hands of the followers of the religion of peace. Yet to the liberal elites and their Islamic overlords, the terrorists and the supporters of those terrorists and not their victims are the ones we should be shedding tears over.

The irony here is, the biggest export from the Pakistani occupied half of Kashmir (which they stole in 1947) is its people who have left in search of a better life. Yet the very people who leave the so called motherland in search of a better life, are usually the most vocal in their new homelands when it comes to the remaining half of Kashmir remaining in Indian hands.