Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cheeky Muslim girl actually a rabid anti-Semite

(Belgium) Last week Zakia Belkhiri became the poster girl for European liberals when she posted a selfie of herself in front of a anti-Islam protest in Belgium.

The irony here was here was a Muslim woman out on her own (forbidden under Islam) taking a picture (forbidden under Islam) in front of strange men (forbidden under Islam) and how did these so called racists react, why they had no problem with her:

Yet the left, loved how she took to standing amongst these so called racist bigots, who took her into their midst. Can you imagine how Muslims would have reacted to Jews, Apostates,Gays or even different kind of Muslims doing likewise. (How about somebody flying the Israeli flag?)
In spite of the warm welcome this girl received from this group, the left saw her as a champion (of what I don't know) 

Yet just a few days later, it transpires that Miss Belkhiri  isn't the poster child for peace and love for all, and that actually she subscribes fully to the ugliness that gives Islam such a bad name. In 2012 she tweeted her hatred of the Jew (As written in the Koran) and her so called liberals friends have remained silent on her Anti-Semitic nature.

“Fucking Jews. I hate them so much.” – Zakia’s Facebook.

What a nasty piece of work, but as usual the left have given an Islamic racist a clean bill of health.