Friday, May 13, 2016

Africa News update:Friday 13-05-16

(Kenya) Security forces have killed 10 suspected al Shabaab Islamist terrorists and arrested 36 others in nine months since launching an operation against the insurgents on the coast

(Libya) Islamic State jihadists, used two suicide bombers, to attack and kill four soldiers and wound 24 in their latest foray into territory controlled by the UN-backed Libyan government.

(Uganda) A number of  Western delegations attending the inauguration of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni walked out of the ceremony after he made a speech attacking the ICC, Mr Museveni described the ICC as "a bunch of useless people" and said he no longer supported it. He also stated he would fight corruption , which he did by blocking all social media during the start of his 5th time in office. Also there, was Sudan's Omar al-Bashir who by attending made a monkey out of the ICCs arrest warrant against him on charges of genocide in Darfur.
Omar al-Bashir
(Somalia) US special operations forces working with African Union forces clashed with Al Shebab terrorists in Somalia early Thursday, killing five, a US defence official said. There were no US injuries.

(Tunisia) A suicide bomber killed 4 soldiers blew himself up in Smar, governorate of Tataouine, the soldiers were part of a group hunting down terrorists.