Friday, May 27, 2016

Iran: 30 Students flogged for.....dancing

(Qazvin)  The mad Mullahs of Iran went ape shite the other day ,when they heard that young men and women held a graduation party where they not only mixed, but allah forbid they actually danced together. Acting quickly in which to condem this unholy act they sent in their religious black shirts in which to take these offenders into custody.

"Following a report about a large number of young boys and girls mingling together in a villa around Qazvin, all those taking part in the party were arrested immediately," Mizanonline quoted on Thursday the town's prosecutor general as saying. Esmail Sadeghi Niyaraki said the youths were put on trial and each sentenced to 99 lashes, a punishment which morality police carried out the same day "so to be a lesson for those who attempt to breach the conventions".
And how we all laughed at Kevin Bacon in Footloose when he played the part of  Ren McCormack who moves to the town of Bomont  where rock music and dancing are banned. move forward 32 years and we find a whole country living under that edict .