Thursday, May 5, 2016

Israel unearthes yet another attack tunnel from Gaza

(Israel) The IDF have found yet another tunnel dug by Hamas from Gaza into Israel. In an attempt in which to stop the IDF from sniffing around the area, Hamas took to firing mortar rounds these past few days, the IDF retaliated with tank fire and a number of airstrikes.

The tunnel discovered on Thursday is the second found in a month. A few hours later, Israel said it had arrested a Hamas member from Gaza who had disclosed large amounts of information about the tunnel network, although it did not link the latest tunnel discovery directly to that arrest. According to a statement released by the Israeli security agency, the Shin Bet, the Hamas member, Mohammad Atuna, 29, was arrested in early April after crossing the border fence into Israel where he was planning to attack soldiers or civilians using knives found on him.