Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ISIS causes havoc across Syria

(Syria) With ISIS losing ground across Syria and Iraq, it was inevitable that they would try to do something spectacular in which to try and claim the upperhand, This past fortnight has seen just that.

1) ISIS captured the area around Tiyas airbase on the 11thof May, cutting the government supply line between the city of Homs and Palmya. Today it has been widely reported that the Russian military took a right beating over the next few days when ISIS targeted the Airbase at Tiyas with indirect fire destroying an entire Russian combat helicopter unit (4 Hinds and 1 Hip) along with the supporting logistical support unit. Not only that but Russian combat aircraft on the ground there sustained serious heavy damage.
2) Yesterday, ISIS idiots detonated suicide devices in the Syrian government strongholds of Tartous, (which hosts a Russian naval base) and Jableh, 50 miles to the north. Both cities had been spared the destruction that has laid waste to other parts of the country over more than five years.Four blasts, several carried out by suicide bombers, caused chaos in Jableh, killing more than 70 people, while three more detonated near a petrol station in Tartous, killing about 50 people and maiming scores more.