Monday, May 2, 2016

Labour has to suspend another three Muslims over Anti-Semitism

(UK)  Its been a bad week for the Socialist Labour Party 3 days before local elections where they are seen as losing a large number of candidates, today they lost 3 more when it was revealed that they subscribe to the mores of a 6th century paedophilic warlord whilst living in a democratic land and partake in the open hatred of Jews. Yesterday the party faithful rallied round the Labour party leader by claiming that these allegations of Anti-Semitism was simply smear tactics, and yet today we find another two card carrying labour party members exposed for the racist bigots they are.

First to be exposed was Nottingham councillor Ilyas Aziz who likes to display his racist hatred for all to see.;

This was followed a few hours later by the suspension of a former mayor of BLACKBURN  (Salim Mulla) who subscribe's to the view that ISIS was invented by...Israel , that it is behind all the shootings in the US an like a lot of British based Muslims, feels that Israel should be relocated to the US and is more than happy to tell the world that:

When this racist bigot was questioned about his posts, he replied :
“It was probably just forwarded to me. I don’t agree with Zionism at all. I have very, very many Jewish friends.”
Ah, that old cop out,

As I was searching for the links for Salim Mulla, i find that Labour have suspended a third 'Islamic' bigot Burnley councillor Shah Hussain over racist comments he has made against a Jewish Footballer:

Anybody else notice how so many Muslims (who love to scream Islamophobia) have dragged down British Politics to that found on the streets of any Islamic country where to them, might is right. Kind of explains why Anti-Semitism has grown by over 25% this past year in the UK alone.