Wednesday, May 11, 2016

News from Iraq

The latest situation report for Iraq from the very nice people over at the Institute for the Study of War:

The  internecine war between the two main branches of Islam within Iraq saw a brainwashed idiot detonate a car bomb inside a market this morning in the Shia district of Sadr city kill at least 63 people and injure another 85.

This has now been followed up by another two car bombings inside Baghdad ; A suicide car bomb targeted a police station in Baghdad's northwest Kadhimiyah neighborhood killing 18, of whom five were policemen. The attack also wounded 34. In Northern Baghdad a suicide car bomb in the neighborhood of Jamiya killed seven and wounded 22.

Italy has said it will deploy 500 troops to protect Iraqi workers repairing Mosel dam, which is close to the front lines with ISIS.