Monday, May 30, 2016

The Battle for Fallujah

(Iraq)  Iraqi Government forces have taken their time to combat, arrest and reverse the rapid advances made by ISIS into the the country a couple of years ago. At the moment the current focus of operation is against roughly 1000 ISIS terrorist dug in the city of Fallujah. Facing them is over 12,000 government forces . When the Government forces take the city (And that is only a matter of time) they will remove a launch point for ISIS suicide attacks against the capital Baghdad, which of late has been the scene of numerous suicide bomb attacks.

This past week has seen a vast build up of force against ISIS.

The situation on the ground before the 26th of May was as below:
Iraqi forces have been softening ISIS positions before moving in:

But, now with that 12 to 1 advantage, Iraqi forces have stared their push in which to remove and wipe out ISIS inside Fallujah.

Mind you, whilst there are only around 1000 ISIS idiots in the city, the area is a Sunni Islam one and as such sympathetic to ISIS, which may explain why the Iraqi forces (primarily Shia Islam) have been suffering heavy losses.