Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pakistan goes into meltdown after being told to pay for US aircraft

(Islamabad) You've got to credit the Pakistanis for the way they feel the world owes them a living. We saw this in 1947 when the country was formed and they started a war with India simply because they wanted more land (Kashmir) for themselves. Then, in 1971, they murdered over 3 million of their own people in East Pakistan, when they said, hang on, why don't you lot work for a change and not milk us dry. Across the world, Pakistani people are known for their so called superior status, be it rape gangs in England, murdering non-Muslims in the US, or simply launching terrorist attack after terrorist attack against India. Just what is it about Pakistanis and how they feel they can look down on anybody and everybody?

Anyway, Pakistan is on the market for a number of F-16 jets (most likely so it can hand them over to China) and has demanded that the US pay them for the privilege. The US has said no and the Pakistani have gone into a meltdown. Sartaj Aziz, the Pakistani Prime Minister's adviser on foreign affairs, has cautioned the US by saying:
"If funding is arranged, Pakistan will get the F-16s, otherwise we will opt for jets from some other place,"
You know my answer.