Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Political correctness gone mad

(UK)  Due to the increasing threat of terrorist attacks on crowed centres of population inside Europe, the police there have started carrying out training exercises in which to be better able to respond in case the terrible happens.

One such scenario took place in Manchester these past few days, where hundreds of volunteers pretended to be shoppers inside the Trafford centre, which then saw a simulated attack by a suicide bomber who utters 'Allah Ackba' before going bang. (Hence everybody wearing orange ear defenders)
Simulated Terrorist Attack
Well it appears that in having the person playing the suicide bomber utter 'Allah Ackba' is deemed offensive and the Manchester police have now issued an apology  for racial stereotyping.

Meanwhile yesterday morning just outside Munich , a lone knifeman uttered 'Allah Ackba' when he stabbed one man dead and injured 3 others. Elsewhere European police are on the hunt for 2 Afghan migrants who are on a mission to murder as many people in the Uk as possible . I wonder what they would scream out as they carry out their religion mandated killing spree?

I wonder that if they get their chance, just what will they utter as they take so many innocent lives?