Thursday, May 12, 2016

British universities disaffiliate from National Union of Students due to its anti-Semitic stance

(UK) Last month The British National Union of Students (NUS) played its cards by electing an anti-Semitic (28-year-old Algerian Malia Bouattia) as its new president. Yes, the foaming at the mouth student who whilst claiming that she isn't an Islamic racist bigot has no problem coming out with classics such as:
The University of Birmingham is something of a Zionist outpost in British Higher Education. It also has the largest JSoc in the country whose leadership is dominated by Zionist activists. Just a month ago the ominous EUMC definition of anti-Semitism was adopted as legislation by the student union and the university’s Friends of Palestine society narrowly avoided severe sanctions after one of our guest speakers made a comparison between Israel and the Nazis.
and  who stopped an NUS vote against the barbarity of ISIS because she deemed it Islamophobic

has done to the NUS what she (and her foaming at the mouth sycophants) has demanded the student body do with Israel. Which is why yesterday Lincoln University broke away from the NUS, today Newcastle University did likewise, with Exeter, Loughborough, Warwick and Nottingham holding votes soon. It appears that some students just don't subscribe to the racial, religious and sexist bigotry that the Islamic President of the NUS does, and have voted with their feet, in which to break away from a Union which has taken years to build and days to destroy by the blind racist bigotry of its new president.