Thursday, May 26, 2016

Syrian immigrant with 8 children wins right to bring over his other wives and their 12 kids.

(Denmark) 47 year old Syrian Daham Al Hasan made it to Denmark 2 years ago with his wife and their 8 children. As he is deemed too sick to work or even learn Danish, Daham has settled down to living on benefits , but Daham wasn't happy as he pined for his other 2 wives and their 12 children ,so he put in a request to bring them other and this week his wish was granted. As you may have gathered this hasn't gone down well with the natives and in an TV interview  where he tried to defend himself Daham even had the gall to claim that Denmark wasn't even his country of choice, no he wanted to go to Sweden. Gee talk about ungrateful.

Al Hasan and family (minus older daughter)
Mind you he did say that once things settle down in Syria he will return there. Of course he will.