Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweden: Child of 8 killed when hand grenade thrown into house

(Gothenburg) A child of 8 was killed today when some prick decided to lob a hand grenade through the window of the flat he was staying in.

Yuusuf Warsame, who was born and raised in Birmingham England to Dutch parents, had been visiting relatives with his mother, brother and sister. A hand grenade was thrown through the window of a third-floor flat in the BiskopsgÄrden suburb of Gothenburg at around 3am on Monday morning in what police have described as a possible revenge attack. At least five children and several adults were inside at the time, said police. They said Yuusuf suffered serious injuries and later died in the hospital. Yuusuf's father Abdiwahid Warsame told the Birmingham Mail his son had died in the grenade attack and that he was awaiting more information from the Swedish authorities.

So what the story behind the attack?

During the 1990s and 2000s, Europe took in lots of Somali immigrants. However, when these countries demanded that these immigrants integrate fully by finding work, a large number objected and upped sticks to the UK where they could continue to be different and jobless at the expense of the British taxpayer. (In 2015, nearly 80% of the male Somali population residing in the UK were unemployed, followed by 50% of the female Somali population.)

That explains why a so called British child born to Dutch parents was visiting Sweden for the summer. Gothernberg, like other Swedish cities, has an immigration problem. Now crime has exploded in Sweden, especially in Gothernberg, which kind of explains why only a fortnight ago 5 young men were jailed for a gun attack on a pub in Bisopsgarden where 2 people were shot dead and 8 wounded in a gang related bun-fight. One of the men jailed a fortnight ago was named as… 25-year-old Ahmed Warsame who is registered as living in the flat young Yuusuf Warsame was killed this morning.

It transpires that there is something of a turf war being played out in Gothenburg and as always an innocent was killed in the crossfire.