Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vietnam deploys Israeli precision-guided rocket artillery in the South China Sea

(Hanoi)  Concerned about the belligerent nature of the Chinese Dragon in its quest to subsume the South China Sea into its Imperial backyard, the Vietnamese have deployed an advanced Israeli made Multiple Launch Rocket System (MRLS) onto a number of its own Islands in the region.

What makes this MRLS system so different from others, is its extremely long range (150kms)  and the accuracy of the EXTRA rocket. (Within 10 metres)  Putting Chinese installations in the Spratlys such as Subi, Fiery Cross, and MischiefReefs within range of the Vietnamese. As these are central to the Chinese plans in which to control the area, the deployment of such an advanced MRLS is sure to give the Chinese Mandarins a damn good headache.  

The MRLS system is known as Lynx, a truck mounted system, which can deliver a number of different rocket types, the one purchased by the Vietnamese is called EXTRA (Extended Range Artillery tactical-range artillery missile). But rather than bore the pants off you all, here is a wee video which tells you so much more.

Naturally, the Chinese cannot allow such a weapon to be able to target their power projection bases and will do all they can in which to neutralise them by economic and diplomatic means (Read that as intimidation). The thing is, this MRLS system is the least of Chinas worries of a means of attack from Hanoi. The Russian made K-300P Bastion-P and 3M-14E Klub supersonic cruise missiles are much longer ranged and lethal. In a nutshell, any attempt at physically neutralising the MRLS systems, will entail attacks by these two latter systems. Its appears, that China is finding out the hardway, that not everybody is willing to lay down and take it from behind when it comes to its Empire building in the South China sea.