Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nigeria: Islamic mob murders the family of a Muslim who saved a Christian accused of blasphemy

(Zamfara State) A crowd of Islamic students took umbrage with one of their fellow (but Christian) students at Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata-Mafara, over something he said. As is the way of the Muslim, instead of debating with words, they simply played the blasphemy card which they backed up by using their fists, feet and anything they could get their hands on, in which to show this young man the error of his ways. After being beaten to a pulp by his fellow classmates, he was rescued by a Muslim man who stopped the students from murdering their victim and took him in his car to a hospital in which to tender his wounds.

Incensed that somebody had stopped them from punishing somebody with a different faith and mindset, the group decided to teach the man who had prevented them from carrying out Allah's will a lesson by marching onto his home and setting fire to it, resulting in the deaths of 8 people inside.

That, people, is how Islam prevents moderate Muslims from speaking out, by fear.