Saturday, August 27, 2016

Belgium: Family of radical imam, including son caught singing 'Death to Christians', picked up, looks set to be deported

(Verviers) A week ago, I wrote about how the 16-year-old son of Islamic preacher Sheikh Alami, a local radical cleric with Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, uploaded a video during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan where he called on Allah to wipe out all the Christians, whilst walking down the street in the town of Verviers, Belgium.

Well, his father, mother and himself have been picked up by the police and have now been given notice to pack their bags as they are going to get sent back home to Morocco. A TV company had access to junior and, guess what, he has come out with the usual "misunderstood" crap that he was actually singing for the death of... Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

That people is the Koran sanctioned use of lying (taqiyya) to the non-Muslims in action, and people still believe it when a Muslim lies to their face. Hopefully, the authorities in Belgium will see through these blatant lies and ship the entire family of race hustlers back to god's country.