Thursday, August 25, 2016

Iran: Trying very hard to start a war with the US

(Iran) It has been reported that the mad mullahs have been baiting US Navy ships transiting the Strait of Hormuz (a natural choke point). This they have been doing by racing boats up to 200 meters away from warships sailing in international waters, ignoring all attempts by the these ships to warn off these fast approaching seaborne vehicles (radio, flares and horns) and then turning away at the last moment before the Navy wipes these boats off the face of the earth.

So the question we must ask is why are the mullahs risking everything in which to pull the tail of the tiger?

(1) For a start, they are Muslims. Yes, that could be construed as offensive, but the fact remains that face is everything in the Islamic culture and even more so in the Middle East. So looking good against a powerful enemy (but often against a weak one) is the thing to do. Just look at how Hamas and Hezbollah love to scream victory against Israel every time they get the shit kicked out of them, in which to see what I mean.

(2) It allows them to play the victim card if their thugs get slotted.

(3) It allows them to claim revenge for the kicking they received off the US during operations Nimble Archer and Praying Mantis where the Iranians found out the hard way that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

(4) Finally, the main reason, the Iranians want to ensure some of their idiots get killed at the hands of the Americans. This will allow them to launch a few anti-ship missiles at ships transiting the Persian Gulf in which to close it down for a few weeks. If the US retaliate, all the better, as the result will be the hike in crude oil prices which for the past few years have dropped, allowing Iran to replenish its depleted kitty which has been hit hard by the fall in oil prices.

Problem for Iran is, the non-liberal world is wise to its plan of action.