Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Germany: Merkel: "Terrorism was already here"

(Berlin) There's something to be said about the self rigorous and the smugness point of view that utters from the lips of the politically correct.

Take for example German Chancellor Angela Merkel who, in response to her critics over the opening of the borders of Europe (never mind Germany) to anybody who can get there, has said that Germany had previously ignored the issue of migrants. She stated that Germany would remain true to its values.
Change is not a bad thing, it is a necessary part of life, Germany will remain Germany, with everything that is dear to us.
On the rise of terrorism within Europe she has said:
It's simply incorrect to say that terrorism came only with the refugees. It was already here in myriad forms and with the various potential attackers that we have been watching.
And here is the testimony of somebody at the coalface which contrasts sharply from that of Mrs Merkel.