Sunday, August 14, 2016

France: Muslims pick wrong fight in Corsica

(Sisco) Riots kicked off in Northern Corsica over the weekend after a petty incident where a tourist was harangued by an Islamic posse for taking photos which they claimed contained snaps of their women folk at the beach who just happened to be wearing the Butka. A group of local youths jumped in to protect the tourist. Having being denied their religious vengeance (all about losing face in Islam).

The peaceful followers of Allah called for reinforcements by calling their parents and they arrived on mass armed to the teeth with knives and harpoon guns. Which is where things got silly, the Islamic parents set upon the French teenagers as only Muslims in France can, in turn the French teenagers called their own parents resulting in the father of one of the beaten children getting struck by two harpoons. The problem for the Muslims here is the Corsicans of Bastia aren't known for their passive behaviour, which is why within hours 3 Muslim cars (at the beach) were torched...

... and a huge crowd of mad Corsicans (one mad Corsican was enough to ravage Europe) decided to march onto the Muslim part of town in which to stamp their presence on the North African population.

The French police, fearing a bloodbath, sent in 100 armed policemen in which to prevent the situation descending into madness, and after a while, the mad French crowd melted into the night.

Something tells me that the Muslim population of Corsica is going to shrink in the not so distance future.