Sunday, August 21, 2016

Belgium: Son of Islamic mullah caught singing kill all the Christians to his internet fanbase

(Europe) Whilst the liberals in Europe protest about 7,000 so called Islamophobic tweets worldwide a day after terrorist outrages during the month of July, nobody at the ethical latte drinking outfit bothered their arse to look at the huge amount of radical Islamic hatred posted online by the followers of the left's so called peaceful followers of Islam. For example, Anjem Choudary had over 33,000 followers and his accounts were not deleted until this week. That said, in the last 6 months, Twitter removed 260,000 pro ISIS accounts (that's accounts and not tweets). And now it has just been reported that Sohaib Amaouch, the 16-year-old son of Islamic preacher Sheikh Alami, a local radical cleric with Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, uploaded a video during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan where he calls on Allah to wipe out all the Christians whilst walking down a street in Verviers, Belguim. Here's the transcript, and the video can be found below.
"Oh Allah, support Islam and the Muslims. "Oh Allah, humiliate and destroy the polytheists. "Oh Allah, annihilate the hateful Christians. "Oh Allah, kill them all. Do not leave a single one of them. "Oh Allah, make their weapons and ammunition booty for our brothers. "Oh Allah, support Islam and the Muslims. "Oh Allah, support the mujahideen everywhere. "Oh Allah, support them against their enemies. "Oh Allah, send against their enemies wind, like the one that destroyed the people of 'Aad, and like the one that you send in the Battle of the Confederates. "Oh Allah, send against them wind that will destroy everything, as commanded by the Lord."

I wonder how the liberal elites would react if this young lad was deported from a land he clearly hates living in?