Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spate of car torching confuses Swedish government

(Malmo) The Swedish government has vowed to clamp down on the people who are behind a wave of summer car torching which has beset the country since July. The city of Malmo (alone) has just suffered its ninth consecutive night of arson attacks bringing a total of 70 cars torched since the 1st of July.

The Swedish police have been left with egg on their faces as not only have they been unable to catch anybody behind these attacks, they still don’t know the reason behind this upsurge of arson attacks. Malmö police spokesperson Ewa-Gun Westford had this to say to the media:
“A lot of cars have been burned in a short time now. We don’t know why it’s happening right now. We haven’t had any major social unrest.”
In response to the burnings, the city’s police have now called in a helicopter from Gothenburg to assist in their search for perpetrators, but have been so far unable to make any arrests.

I'm not Swedish, I have never travelled to Sweden, but I can spot something the Swedish police simply don't want to mention. The vast majority of these arson attacks have transpired in the Rosengard area of Malmo. In 2012, the immigrant population of the district accounted for 86% of the population. Husby, another district of Malmo which has also borne witness to numerous arson attacks, has an immigrant population of more than 80%.

The liberal elite in the UK lauded Sweden for taking in so many migrants last year, the same people who keep on berating the UK to take more in (from Europe not Syria/Iraq/Yemen) and yet when we bare witness to the intolerance expressed by these free-loaders, the very same liberals... remain silent.