Tuesday, August 2, 2016

France: 'Allahu Akbar!' screaming Muslims torch bus in centre of Paris

(France) Anybody want to answer why this arson attack on a public bus only 4 kilometres from the Eiffel tower last week by a bunch of thugs didn't rate the attention of the world's media?

Last Wednesday night, the 170 bus from Saint-Denis RER to Porte des Lilas Saint-Denis RER was brought to a halt in Danielle-Casanova Street (just outside the Stad De France stadium) by a line of burning rubbish. On halting, 15 idiots who boarded the bus, threw everybody off and then torched it whilst uttering ‘Allah Ackba’.

This act followed an arson attack on a building in the same area where certain youths decided to loot the building first before torching it. In response to the bus attack, the Paris authorities have simply diverted the 170 bus to miss out the Franc-Moisin district (where the bus was attacked). Funny enough, the area is known for its very high immigrant population.