Tuesday, August 16, 2016

UK: Police refuse to tazer dog which was mauling a man to death, in case they... killed it

(England) In the UK we call our Police 'PC' that used to stand for Police Constable, but now it stands for... political correctness. Today, 52-year-old David Ellam was killed by a pitbull type dog as he tried to protect his own dog from an attack by it. Now this is where it gets silly. Apparently, the Police only just returned the dog to its owner after it was reported as being a dangerous dog after keeping hold of it for 2 months. Yup, according to the Police this dog wasn't dangerous at all.

The person who reported that dog to the Police, 52-year old David Ellam. Anyway, this morning as he was walking his dog, the pitbull struck and in the act of trying to protect his own dog, the Pitbull latched onto David Ellam's knee, which it proceeded to rip off, it then latched onto his head and tried to drag him into its kennel, by now the police had arrived and they refused to tazer the dog, because they were scared they might kill it. This, during the actual attack, when it had its jaws around the victims head.

That people is the f-ing state of the British Police today, more concerned about being politically correct than doing their job, kind of explains why they took minutes to arrest a man who tweeted he asked a Muslim woman to explain the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris. Yet it took them over 16 years to arrest that racist bigot of an Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary whom we found out today was found guilty of supporting ISIS in secret last month.