Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Uk: Omar jailed for propagating ISIS propaganda inside Mosques.

(Derby) After ISIS failed big time in which to carve out a new Islamic caliphate it required a lot of new blood in which to continue the fight against the rest of the human race.  24 year old  Omar Ashfaq, hit on the idea of leaving USB pen drives full of ISIS propaganda (Including scenes of evil murders)  in the shoes of Islamic worshippers inside their shoes (Muslims take off their shoes before entering a mosque) last year during Ramadan. Inside the USB sticks were videos entitled   'ISIS children execute spies' and 'ISIS burn Turkish Apostate soldiers'. The worshippers brought this to the attention of the police and using CCTV video evidence quickly found Omar as the nasty piece of work recruiting for ISIS.  Due to the swift reporting by the mosque, plans by Omar to visit Manchester and Bradford mosques were stopped.

Today he received a prison sentence of 4 years, I’m pretty sure that Omar will become a huge hit in the prison showers where shariah law dictates he has to drop his bar of soap every day for the next 4 years.