Thursday, May 23, 2019

Germany: Police raid Iraqi "Al-Salam-313 Bike gang

(Berlin) German police carried out early-morning raids at apartments in 11 cities on Wednesday as part of an operation targeting organized crime. Hundreds of officers were involved in the raids, focusing on the Cologne area and the Ruhr Valley. A spokeswoman for police in the city of Essen, Sylvia Czapiewski, said authorities targeted the homes of 34 suspects who are mainly of Iraqi and Syrian descent
"We have been carrying out an investigation into a large group of people for some considerable time," she said.
Those targeted are suspected of involvement in people smuggling, trading in weapons, narcotics and false IDs. One person was arrested.
The Al-Salam 313 gang openly promotes itself as a peace-loving bunch of guys who have nothing to do with religion. yet in their "Who we are video" they threaten people with an arab style beating if you cross them, they state if you have a problem with them pay them a visit as they are willing to listen. and if you have any issues with somebody you can call them -A-team- style but in this case, you know where to find them:

German news org Deutsche Welle has done a little investigative work on the above so called group of peaceful thugs and found that:
  1. The group is rumoured to have very close ties to so-called Mahdi Army aligned with Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. That militia sports a white dove as its insignia — as does the Al-Salam-313 group.
  2. The leader of the group calls himself Abu Mehdi  which incidentally, has a specific meaning: In Shia Islam, "Mehdi" or "Mahdi" refers to the descendant of Prophet Mohammed, who rules before Judgment Day to rid the world of evil.
  3. The number "313," as referenced in the group's name, also has particular meaning in this context. Shiites believe that the redeemer will return to earth with 313 companions.
  4. In addition to dealing in narcotics and weapons, the gang members are suspected of having supported militias back in Iraq with the profits from their various activities.
Make you wonder exactly who controls them doesn't it.