Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gaza: So whats the real reason behind the upsurge in violence .

(Gaza City)  So after 3 days of conflict between Gaza and Israel over 20 people have been killed and hundreds wounded on both side. So exactly how did the two get to this,

On Friday, Islamic Jihad decided to shoot two IDF soldiers , in response to the shooting, an IDF aircraft attacked a nearby Hamas post killing 2 and injuring another 2. Hamas then decided to let loose the terrorists of peace and since friday have launched over 600 missiles into Israel. In response the IDF have struck over 280 Hamas targets in Gaza. So what's it all about, in a nutshell propaganda.

On the 14th of May the Eurovision song contest begins in Israel. After the BDS crowd failed in which to change the mind of anybody and everybody not to attend this so called prestigious event. (Err I stopped watching this joke of a show in the 80s as a child) but hey whatever floats your boat, it appears that Hamas an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood have decided that a man wearing a beard who identifies as a woman is agaisnt the will of allah, and so they have pulled out all the stops in which to try and make up for the failure of the BDS crowd by sending the message to European snowflakes that Israel is under attack and that they had best stay home. Of course the Israelis want to ensure that the song contest continues and have hit back hard. Obviously the target audience for Hamas isn't Israel but rather the world. if they can get the show to be cancelled, they not only stop gay people from arriving on mass to Israel, they get to promote their message of 'victimhood' to the very people they despise and want to kill. Who as snowflakes naturally will support the people who want to kill them rather than the people who would want to defend them.  Naturally Israel doesn't  want this to happen and after the natural show of force a deal will be dealt between the two where concessions are made between the two. The problem is time and time again, it has been found that you cannot make a deal with Islamic terrorists. In order to substantiate my point. The Shehab News Agency is based in Gaza, they have two twitter sites , one in English and another in Arabic, on the English site, they tweet about what victims they are at the hands of the jew. On their Arabic site, they air messages of how they are waging war agaisnt Israel. With tweets such as these: