Wednesday, May 29, 2019

UK: Ali the Anti-Semitic Lecturer sacked

(Southend) Maaruf Ali a computer and electronics lecturer, at the university of Essex didn't like the idea of Jewish students forming  a Jewish student society, so he took to social media in which to express his intolerance towards those of another faith

 Which is why he wrote on a student Facebook page that
“the Zionists next want to create a society here at our university.”
That prompted an outcry , resulting in the University looking into Mr Ali and guess what, they found he was quite a busy teddy on the old social media front when it came to hating the jew. 

On finding that they had a religious bigot working for them, they suspended Mr Ali. Who naturally played the concerned victim card. He denied being anti-Semitic or denying the Holocaust and said his vote against the society had been against the ideology of Zionism. He said:
 "I am not against Jews, I don't hate their religion, their people or their culture. I believe that everyone should be allowed to form any society. This is what I'm thinking now - which is what I didn't think at the time."
 He also added that he was objecting to the climate in present day Israel and had never asked for the destruction of the state of Israel. Well the University was having none of it and today they fired him.