Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Saudi Arabia: Iran blames Israel for spate of terrorist incidents agaisnt Gulf states.

(Riyadh) The other week the mad mullahs in Iran decided to ape Bugs bunny and utter this means war, when the US offended them by declaring the Iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist org. In response to credible threats the US bolstered its forces in the region in which to send the message to Iran that if they would come off a lot worse if they decided to test them.

Well over the weekend a number of oil tankers belong to Saudi Arabia and friends were damaged due to acts of sabotage   
Today a couple of oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia (700 miles from Yemen) were attacked by drones flown by the Houthi Iranian proxy in Yemen. In response to these acts of terrorism Iran has denied it is responsible for the attacks on the four ships at the UAE port of Fujairah on Monday, saying Israel or the US was to blame for the acts of sabotage.

Iranian parliamentary official, Behrouz Namati, today blamed "Israeli mischief" for the attacks on the four ships, which included two Saudi oil tankers, a Norwegian vessel, and an Emirati vessel.