Monday, May 27, 2019

Syria: Israel takes out Anti-Aircraft missile battery after it fired on an Israeli jet inside Israel.

(Damascus)  You've got to give Syria credit for being stupid. Today they decided to target an aircraft flying over Israel.  They missed with the missile landing inside...Syria.  It appears that the soldiers who launched their manpad (shoulder launched missile)  then returned to their vehicle  - A ZSU 23-4 - which was promptly destroyed by the IDF killing 2 and injuring another.

What else did the Syrians expect to happen, other than allowing them to play the victim card.
Quneitra, SANA-A military source announced on Monday that at 09.10 p.m., the Israeli enemy targeted one of the Syrian military sites to the east of Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra countryside. The source added that the Israeli aggression claimed the life of one soldier and injured another one. Earlier, SANA reporter said that an Israeli aggression with a missile targeted  Tal Sha’ar in Quneitra countryside and there were reports about injuries.