Friday, May 31, 2019

Mohamed, Mohamud and Mohammed

(Manchester) 25 year old Mahdi Mohamud, was charged yesterday with three counts of attempted murder after he went on the rampage with a knife at Manchester Victoria train station, he was also charged with the possession of a document or record likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. He was remanded to appear at Westminster court next month But here’s what surprised me, he carried out the knife attack on New Year’s Eve, six months ago. It’s as if the authorities are going out of their way in which to take the initial sting out of this incident in which not to be seen as…racists. The question that needs to be asked is why has it taken the old bill six months to charge a terrorist?

(London)  59 year old Muhammad Javed has been found guilty of murdering his wife and mother to his 5 children after he suspected her of having an affair. Mohammed  who was reported in court as being violent and to have "behaved in a controlling and coercive manner" towards his 53-year-old wife during their marriage of more than 30 years. Simply didn’t trust her and after setting up CCTV cameras around the house in which to watch her.  Whilst his violence was known to family members, his wife refused to take action as she was scared he would be deported.  Anyway his warped mindset took control of his passions and last feb he armed himself with a hammer and machete and beat his wife to death. Over 46 stab wounds were found on her body. After carrying out his evil deed, he had a shower, changed his clothing and phoning a few friends in which to tell them what he had just done walked into the local police station and told them he had murdered his wife.

(Bradford) 23 year old Mohammed Ilyas, was spotted by police dropping part of his drug stash after they stopped his car in last year.  A search revealed 40 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin. In court his lawyer Shufqat Khan, tried to excuse his client by playing the victim card (kicked out of school, mixed with the wrong crowd etc) However his history of getting jailed in 2016 for drug dealing for 3 years  meant that he was on licence last year (so much for 3 years in jail then) when he was picked up, didn’t help his cause and so he was nocked for another 3 years. As this is the UK, expect him to be out of the street next week.