Friday, May 10, 2019

Pakistan: Religious bigots shut down five heatstroke centres

(Sukkur) The Islamic world is currently entering the second week of Ramadan, that period of the year, where Muslims fast from dusk to dawn for a lunar month. Whilst fasting isn't obligatory for all (Young/old/ and those who are ill) in Islamic countries those who don't fast are frowned upon and in a quite a few if you are caught eating you will be arrested 

Currently Pakistan is in the midst of a heatwave and in the city of Sukkur they have set up Heat stroke stations in which to cater for those people who are suffering from the effects of the extreme heat.
Saturday the 11th Mays weather for Sukkur

However to some this is wrong and so they stormed several such first aid points and after berating the staff for treating people suffering from the effects of extreme heat with water, they decided to clear them by firing into the air with automatic weapons informing the staff , that next time they wouldn't be so lenient. You'd think the authorities would take a hard line agaisnt these religious bigots, but no they have advised the centres in the city to close down for the time for the time being.

Isn't religious bigotry great.