Friday, May 24, 2019

Ramadan Death Count: Central African Republic 25/05/19

(Ouham-Pendé) The Central African Republic a Christianmajority country (80% ) in the Northern part of central Africa  is faced on 3 sides by Muslim majority countries the other countries (Congo/South Sudan and Uganda) have sizable Islamic populations. 

It appears that the faithful weren’t happy having a sizable chunk of Christian land in their midst and so in 2004 they started a bush war in the north of the country in which to enforce their will and their faith onto the kuffer. In 2012 the rebels joined forces to form Séléka . A deal was made by the president for the Islamic rebels to power share, but that deal fell by the wayside and the rebels went on the rampage installing their own as president . Once in overall power the rebels did what Islamic rebels do to Christians and started killing them. Problem was and still is only 10 % of the country is Islamic and the Christians said enough is enough and fought back  The media painted this as poor Muslims at the hands of Christians , leaving out the salient fact that everybody was happy until the Islamic rebels decided to cross in the country and start their kill fest. The UN was called in and 4 years down the line 13000 UN troops and 2000 French troops separate 2000 Muslim rebels from 72000 Christian fighters.

Problem is the Islamic rebels aren’t happy and from time to time decide to murder death kill simply because they can and on Wednesday they decided to run riot over the province of Ouham Pende (situated next to Islamic Cameroon) killing 50 people.

Ramadan death toll stands at 777