Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mohammed jailed for raping 14-year-old girl

(Bradford) 22-year-old Mohammad Ahmed was jailed for 2 years on Friday over how he dragged a 14-year-old child upstairs in her own home while her parents were out (after first kicking and punching her) and violently raped her. On hearing the parents arrive home sooner than expected, he fled from the house with his pants quite literally around his ankles. However for the girl, she was then attacked by her father.

In court, Mohammed claimed he never laid a finger on her and then contradicted himself by claiming he thought she was 17.

His lawyer continued that victim mindset to the court by claiming:
"He was not especially mature. He is willing to partake in a sex offenders programme and that bodes well for the future, he made a grave error of judgment and had a rape charge hanging over him which has had untold effect. "Prison has the potential of devastating consequences through association with people with more criminal attitudes than he has. The court could imprison him, but an offenders programme offers the prospect of work to unravel the messed-up thought processes which got him into this mess in the first place; to make reparation to the community and reform himself and his thinking. He has already lost a job through the case yet has still found work experience. He has family and prospects. Prison has the potential to do more harm than good."
Thankfully, the court was having none of this and Judge Benson jailed him for 2 years, summing up by saying:
"You knew her age and took advantage of her vulnerability. She was easy prey and you encouraged her advances. Her mother warned you off but you went on to fulfill your sexual desires. You pleaded not guilty and came across to me as an arrogant and self-centred young man who has shown no real remorse. I don't think you will respond to a long custodial sentence in any meaningful way, but anyone who takes sexual advantage of a child must expect prison."
Mohammed was also placed on the sex offenders register.