Friday, March 27, 2015

Father who blamed British police for failing to stop his daughter going to Syria is an Islamic jihadist

(London) When 3 British school girls buggered off to Syria last month in which to join ISIS, the families very quickly pointed the finger of blame at the British authorities. None more so than Hussen Abase, an Ethiopian immigrant whose daughter, 15-year-old Amira Abase, felt the need to live a purer Islamic life in Syria.

The families reiterated this stance every chance they got, even saying so to the Home Affairs Committee in Parliament. The media helped defend their stance by promoting their victim status at the hands of the British police.

Well, what do you know. It transpires that Mr (I can only be a victim) Abase hasn't been telling the truth. Video coverage has surfaced of him at the front of a protest led by that well known Islamic rabble rouser Anjem Choudary in London protesting about democracy, that Sharia will rule the world, and where he took part in the burning of the US and Israeli flags. Hey, don't believe me, here's the video:

You first see him at 2.37 and again at 4.50. If you can't be asked here are a couple of photos from the above protest:

Yes, the man who opined to the world that he knew nothing about why his daughter buggered off to join ISIS in Syria by saying:
"There was nothing unusual about his daughter's behaviour when he last saw her."
forgot to mention that the reason he saw nothing unusual was because she subscribes to the very same mentality of hating the West that he does.

I wonder when this jihadist will be picked up by the authorities and made to explain himself. Silly me, this is the UK.