Monday, March 16, 2015

Sex pest Shamsul Islam claimed he did not know what he was doing because he was fasting for Ramadan

(London) 33-year-old Shamsul Islam, 33, had a nasty habit of cozying up to little girls on empty buses and trains across east London and then sexually assaulting them. When one of his victims confronted him, he said:
'I'm sorry, I'm fasting, I don't know what I'm doing.'
Well, pervert Islam was caught, and in court Judge Sheelagh Canavan was having none of his religious mandated right to kiddy fiddle. She branded him 'a danger to society' and stated that his devotion to his religion was only convenient to him when it gave him an excuse for his sexual misconduct. She ended with:
'You are not a national of this country, and the sooner you are removed from the country the better.'
So, in 3 years time he will be put on a plane and deported to Pakistan. Oh, wait, this is the UK where he will put in a bid for asylum and the home office will give it him.