Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Liberals up in arms over the state execution of cop killer Cecil Clayton

(Missouri) Today, 74-year-old Cecil Clayton was executed for the crime of murdering Barry County Deputy Sheriff Christopher Lee Castetter in 1996. Castetter, then 29 and a father of three, was investigating a suspicious vehicle near Cassville on the night before Thanksgiving in 1996 when he was shot in the forehead while he was in his car. His vehicle was found against a tree with the engine racing and wheels spinning. Castetter died at a hospital the next day.

Clayton's attorneys argued that he suffered from lingering effects of the sawmill accident in which a piece of wood shot through his skull. Surgeons removed about 8 percent of Clayton's brain, including one-fifth of the frontal lobe that governs impulse control and judgment. His lawyers said Clayton had an IQ of 71 and that psychiatric evaluations indicate he doesn't understand the significance of his scheduled execution or the reasons for it, making him ineligible for execution under state and federal law.

You know what, this piece of shit was defended by the do good squad because of his so called diminished cognitive ability, yet not only was he able to live his live from 1972 to 1996, not only that, he knew how to murder in cold blood a innocent man. I, for one, am glad he is now pushing up daisies. So he had the mental capacity of a fourth grader, well, they know what is right and wrong, not only that, but he's spent the last 16 years alive, something his victim Christopher Lee Castetter was denied for the same time period.