Monday, March 30, 2015

Political correctness used to silence critics in the UK

(Rochdale) Simon Danczuk is the Labour MP for Rochdale, he is also the standard bearer for the victims of pedophillic abuse in the Uk, yet he is currently embroiled in a dispute where he has played the 'Racist' card in which to try and silence his detractors.

It seems that last week, Mr Danczuk took part in the celebration of 'Pakistan day' where the local council took great pleasure in flying outside the Town hall the Pakistani flag. The day (Which is a public holiday in Pakistan) commemorates how in 1940 during WW2, the Muslims of India drew up a draft which demanded from the British, that if they weren't given their own Islamic homeland, they would fight on the side of the Japanese. Note I state the drafting of their political resolution and not their independence day which is celebrated on August the 14th. So in a nutshell the Pakistani in the UK are celebrating the day they wrote in ink that they demanded independence from the British to form their very own homeland. (Which they did in 1947) However, immigrants in their hundreds of thousands then left the homeland they formed in which to travel halfway across the world to the country of the people they hated in which to be able to celebrate the fact that they hate the British by flying the Paksitani flag outside a British townhall. And the leftwing idiots of Rochdale council even not only went as far as to be take great pleasure in having their photo taken with them, but they even flew the Pakistani flag outside Rochdale Townhall.

Now, this is where the story becomes more sinister, you see Rochdale has as you may have guessed a high Pakistani Population and is also one (Of many towns)where Pakistani pedophillic gangs have operated. Naturally somebody has openly taken offence at how the Paksitani culture can be celebrated by the very people who remained silent on the Pakistani rape gangs in the area.

Well, the labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk, feels that Katie Hopkins is a racist for pointing out the above and has(I kid you not) reported her to the police.

Yes the man who champions the victims of paedophilia in the Uk, who is picked up for parading with the Pakistani community which is rife with paedophiles (Here's another example from today in the area)  plays the 'racist card' in which to silence anybody who points out his stupidity in hosting the Pakistani flag in the UK. Ironically Danczuk personal; webpage is currently running with this

Fighting for Britain by flying the Paksitani flag outside a British Town Hall. That people is how the socialist Labour thinks it is fighting for Britain today.