Tuesday, March 17, 2015

British arseholes up in arms over 'Taste of Israel' advert

(England) Waitrose is an upmarket supermarket chain in the UK, and besides handing money over to local charities by allowing the customer to chose, they also produce a monthly food magazine. This month's issue has apparently left a sour taste in the mouths of a large number of people who don't shop there (I do), because in this month's issue they included a 32 page supplement titled "Taste of Israel".

Well, that has gone down faster than those 3 sweet little Muslim girls who buggered off to Syria the other week from London in which to join ISIS have been doing these past few days... Well, as these are low fat ethical latte drinking liberals, they have decided to wage war like all dickheads do nowadays by expressing their frustrations on Twitter:

Anybody else find it strange how these so called champions of freedom, never protest about Muslim inspired oppression in Islamic countries? Why, only the other day 14 Christians were blown to bits whilst at church in Pakistan. I suppose these idiots still subscribe to the notion that Islam can only be peaceful. Idiots.