Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Man screams jihad as he rushes the cockpit of a United Airlines flight, cries like a baby when passengers subdue him

(Washington) For the life of me, I simply cannot understand the mentality of people who carry out the most stupid stunts, and then after they have paid the price for a few minutes of so called fame, they play the victim card.

Last night, on United Airlines flight 1704 out of Dulles (Washington), a young man started acting violent after take off and proceeded to rush the cockpit, apparently whilst screaming "Jihad! Jihad!"

Well, after 9/11, it's a no brainier that the passengers on any US plane within the continental USA are not going to allow anybody to take control of the aircraft without making a stand. Which is why within minutes, the young man on the above flight was subdued and after the flight returned to Dulles, he was arrested.

But what caught my eye, is how this idiot cried like a f-ing baby whilst being held down. Should have thought about that before you went off on a tangent, mate.