Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How the left brainwash people into thinking that Israel can only be evil

(London) The Independent is a so called quality newspaper which presumably prides itself on its... independence, and thus impartiality when it comes to reporting the news. But since it conception during the 80s, it has simply become a weaker clone of the Guardian with its left-wing stance on everything and anything. Which is why, today, when the people of Israel are voting for their next leader, the Independent comes out with this:

Wow, those nasty Jews not allowing non-Jews who belong to the state to vote. But hang on, what's this below in that Independent article?
"In fact, approximately 4.5m Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have no say in deciding which Israeli political party will control every aspect of their lives."
Excuse me? This article is about the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza who have their own separate vote and leaders (for some reason, Hamas in Gaza have refused to allow the people under their remit to vote since they won power) are somehow the victims of a racist and xenophobic Israel for not allowing them to vote in somebody else's election. But that's just it, people who don't know any better will walk away from reading that disgusting headline and presume that the Jews can only be evil.

Ironically, the same liberal mindset which allows articles like the one above is the same one which simply can't understand why there has been a rise in anti-Semitism in the West.