Wednesday, April 16, 2014

British man wins first international North Korean half marathon

(Pyongyang) The media is full of stories today regards a half marathon held in North Korea, to much acclaim it was won by a British man. But what piqued my interest is how the media can wax lyrical over a totalitarian country where free speech is forbidden, where hunger in common place, where the dictator for life gets to lob artillery shells and missiles across the border, where he gets to play with a nuclear chemistry set, all the while getting his southern neighbour to feed his people, and the liberal ethical latte brigade thinks it's great that you can go for a run. Yet the very same people demand at screaming point for people to disengage with Israel. You know, that Israel were nobody goes hungry, where freedom of expression is allowed, where rockets and missiles are launched against it from its much smaller neighbour and where playing with nuclear chemistry sets is the preserve of its biggest enemy.

Gee, I wonder why the left don't sing the praises of Israel?