Tuesday, April 22, 2014

British court lets 14 Year old teen rapist walk free from court.

(Manchester)  Last year there were a spate of sexual assaults agaisnt women by a very young individual around the university area of Manchester. The media went wild and the police issued a photo-fit of said individual before he carried out an even worse sexual assault.

As you can see, the person behind these sexual attacks belongs to a branch of people who in the UK are known for their medieval attitudes to women and their penchant to rape , women at the drop of a hat.  Well bugger lugs (14 years of age) was caught and admitted that he carried out a number of sexual attacks  and today in court for those sexual attacks, armed with a confession , he walked free. Yes you read that right, this sex pest has been allowed to walk free from court . However they did ensure he was referred to a Youth Offending Team for a year.

Wow and we wonder why rape crimes even with all the wide publicity they have received continue to rise in the UK.