Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Failed Asylum seeker gets deported, left and liberals up in arms.

(UK) The reason why so many immigrants try to get into the Uk, is that years of liberal thinking ensues they get a much better deal (regards housing and benefits) than tax paying British workers. One such example is 19 year old Yashika Bageerathi, who along with her family arrived in the UK from Mauritius the other year on a tourist visa no less and then when it ran out tried to claim asylum . Well their attempts failed and as Miggins is over 18, she is deemed as an adult (in the eyes of a law) and thus she gets treated as a separate case from her mother and younger siblings and is currently on route to Heathrow airport in which to be returned to the Island paradise of  Mauritius.

But oh how the left have opined, they claim it is wrong to deport this child (Err she's an adult) That her mother misses her and that it "needlessly cruel" decision to deport the student." No it isn't, we have to draw the line somewhere, this open door policy instigated by the left has not only seen millions to come to the Uk resulting in the broken fabric of British society. (Want to wonder why the odious far right are doing so well in the Uk?) but when caught up to no good we are handed down diktats from so called European Human rights groups stating that it is wrong for the Uk to deport foreign terrorists, rapists and murderers. Hey I am not saying this girl is a terrorist, but enough is enough and so I dedicate this song to Miss Bageerathi:

BTW. Anybody wanting to call me a racist and such, I am brown skinned and whose parents came to the UK using the proper channels.