Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Islamic Mob drag woman out of car and murder her for hanging a cross from her rearview mirror.

(Cario)   25 year old Mary Sameh George a coptic Christian, was in her car on route to deliver medicine to an elderly friend  when outside the church she was going to ,a gang of thugs on seeing her cross hanging from her rear-view mirror became incandescence with rage attacked the car, pulled Mary out, dragged her through the streets, beating and abusing her on the way and when they tired of this they stabbed her to death and as a final act slit her throat. The attack transpired in a suburb of Cairo, in an area called Ain Shams that’s known for its heavy Muslim Brotherhood influence.

Yesterday i wrote about the British government has opened an inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood. Today in the leftwing Newspaper the Guardian, Rosemary Hollis writes that the British Government is wrong to do so. I quote:

David Cameron will come to regret his call for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The move is opportunistic and set to backfire on him.
  I wonder if she has anything to say to the family of poor old Mary George?